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Is a quick divorce better for your children?

Divorce can prove hurtful to everyone involved, but children in a marriage are especially vulnerable to the deep emotional trouble that divorce can bring with it. In many cases, the longer that a divorce drags on, the longer that a child suffers needlessly, from the tension of the marriage, and from the uncertainty surrounding what is next.

Should you keep your home after a California divorce?

When a couple decides to divorce in California, dealing with the property division process is unavoidable, and often more complicated than expected. Unlike most other states, California uses community property guidelines when determining how a divorcing couple divides up their assets, which means that the couple must divide all marital property equally.

Is an uncontested divorce right for you?

Divorces carry a reputation for being long, drawn out battles between spouses, and in many cases, that's exactly what happens. However, it doesn't have to be this way. If you and your spouse agree that you want a divorce and want it to be a quick, simple affair, you may qualify for uncontested divorce. Uncontested divorce offer marriage relief for couples who are willing to prioritize finalizing a divorce over lengthy negotiations about every issue.

Can I nullify my prenuptial agreement?

One of the reasons why the divorce process, asset division, alimony and child support exist is to prevent a less-moneyed person from getting trapped in a toxic relationship due to financial reasons. In this respect, it might seem -- in cases where the spouses have entered into a prenuptial agreement -- that the less-moneyed spouse will experience a reduction in the benefits of asset division, alimony and child support.

You may face many kinds of alimony

When a couple divorces, there is a high likelihood that one party may receive a court order to provide spousal support, or alimony, for the other spouse. However, alimony is not a monolithic thing, but rather a broad term that refers to a number of different arrangements a judge may order depending on the circumstances of a divorce.

Are prenuptial agreements good for marriages?

Beginning your marriage out on the right foot is more complicated than ever these days. Both members of the relationship may have very different ideas about what they want from the marriage and from their partner. Finding meaningful ways to get to the bottom of each person's expectations and needs is both vital to the success of the marriage and often sorely missing.

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