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Divorce mediation and property division in California

Dividing up property in divorce is often difficult no matter where the divorce occurs, but here in California, community property laws make the process even more complicated and exasperating. It is common for couples to allow the stress of defining their marital property and dividing it up to create unnecessary conflicts and draw out the divorce, but not all divorces have to turn ugly and combative. However, divorce doesn't have to be combative or spiteful, even for couples with complex assets or child custody and parenting issues to determine.

Are you ready for same-day divorce?

Not all divorces turn into months-long battles between spouses, with good reason. While divorce is usually a stressful, difficult season, both parties can choose to work together in a civil way to achieve quick, effective divorce with minimal conflict.

Mediating custody and parenting agreements

Few things hold the power to harm every member of a family emotionally and financially like a lengthy, bitter child custody dispute during a divorce. If things get exceptionally nasty, the children at the heart of the dispute may never recover from the experience fully, or may project that experience onto all of their personal relationships indefinitely.

5 things to consider when dividing investments

Assets and debt come with all sorts of complications when it comes to divorce. This is especially true if your investment portfolio includes stocks, bonds, mutual funds and various other assets. Dividing these kinds of assets can be difficult, and if it is not done correctly, it could cost you.

Who might benefit from a quick divorce?

Divorce, like many things, is only as difficult as the people involved make it. In many cases, the spouses have hurt each other so deeply, or they are so unwilling to work together to divorce amicably, that they drag the process out much longer than they really have to. Sometimes, one or both spouses seek out poor legal counsel that unnecessarily prolongs matters. Any number of things can keep a divorce going much longer than it has to.

Is a quick divorce better for your children?

Divorce can prove hurtful to everyone involved, but children in a marriage are especially vulnerable to the deep emotional trouble that divorce can bring with it. In many cases, the longer that a divorce drags on, the longer that a child suffers needlessly, from the tension of the marriage, and from the uncertainty surrounding what is next.

Should you keep your home after a California divorce?

When a couple decides to divorce in California, dealing with the property division process is unavoidable, and often more complicated than expected. Unlike most other states, California uses community property guidelines when determining how a divorcing couple divides up their assets, which means that the couple must divide all marital property equally.

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