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What to know about dads in America

Dads in California and throughout the nation see their role as a father as central to their identity as a person. This is according to a 2015 poll conducted by Pew Research. According to the poll, fathers were just as likely as mothers to say that their role of parent best defined them. Furthermore, they were about just as likely as mothers to say that parenting was always fun or always a rewarding experience.

In 1970, 47 percent of families with a child under the age of 18 saw only the dad go to work. Today, that number is 27 percent. However, society still tends to believe that a father should earn money for the family. While a majority of those polled say that having women in the workplace makes it harder to raise children, they also said that it allows families to have a more comfortable lifestyle.

The poll found that 53 percent of Americans believe that mothers are better able to care for a baby. Furthermore, the poll found that 45 percent believe that the mother should stay home while only 2 percent said a father should be the parent to stay home to care for the children. Of those who responded, 53 percent said that it didn't matter which parent stayed home to care for the kids.

In a custody case, a court strives to protect the best interests of the child. Therefore, it is likely that both parents will have a role in their child's life if they are deemed fit to do so. An attorney may be able to work with a parent of either gender to get that person maximum parental rights. In some cases, this may mean shared physical and legal custody.

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