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child custody and visitation Archives

How a child's age affects the parenting plan

Parents in California that are going through a divorce must consider their child's age when negotiating a parenting plan. Although a 50-50 split custody agreement may sound fair on the surface, it might not be in the best interest of a very young child. That's because babies and toddlers need to be with their primary caregiver most of the time.

Dealing with child custody and international abduction

International marriages and partnerships are part of many California residents' lives. People may work and live outside the country and develop a relationship there, or they may connect with a foreign national living in the United States. When any relationship comes to an end, the resulting legal and financial issues can lead to serious disputes, especially when there are children involved. Both parents may want to have more time with the kids, and either parent may see the court system in their area as biased against them. Custody violations and even abductions are all too common even inside the United States, such as when one parent takes the child away in an attempt to maintain full custody or defy a court order.

Never use these reasons to refuse child visitation

Courts in California and other states are likely to grant visitation rights to a non-custodial parent unless it is assumed that the child would be in danger. Despite this fact, squabbles often take place between co-parents. Here are a few reasons a custodial parent may try to use to deny visitation rights illegally.

Tips for parenting after a divorce

Parenting a child after a divorce can be a challenge for anyone, but it can be an especially difficult challenge when the child's other parent is a toxic individual. Ideally, parents will spend less time trying to win arguments with each other and more time focusing on the needs of their children. Generally speaking, a child does better when a parent responds appropriately to negativity. In some cases, it is a good idea to not respond to negative words or actions.

Courts may be flexible when scheduling custody hearings

After a divorce or separation, there is a chance that a parent will move from California to another state. There is also a chance that he or she works irregular hours or is needed for an urgent project. Therefore, it may not be possible for a parent to attend a child custody hearing on a certain date or at a certain time. The good news is that it may be possible to have the hearing postponed or moved to a different venue.

Developing a parenting plan for an infant

Parents of children at any age may find it challenging to adjust to a child custody plan and a visitation schedule in California. After all, it is difficult for many parents to deal with losing time with their children when they were used to being with them every day of the week. However, parents of infants may face even more questions. There is no clear right answer about the right custody and visitation schedule for infants. While it may not seem that babies have any particular preferences or feelings for their time with their parents, they benefit from time with both of their parents.

Abuse claims may be brushed aside in court

While some California fathers claim that they get a bad deal in the child custody system and that mothers are favored, other evidence casts doubt on that belief. Instead, some people have raised concerns that fathers are being favored in child custody cases even when credible allegations of abuse are brought forward. This is especially true when fathers claim that the other parent is alienating the child and causing him or her to make allegations of abuse. Researchers found that when mothers are accused of parental alienation, they are twice as likely to lose custody.

Documents parents need in a child custody case

Parents in California who are getting a divorce might wonder what kind of documentation they should bring to a child custody hearing to increase the likelihood of getting custody. Any documentation should be submitted to the court ahead of time so the judge can review it. When one parent initiates custody proceedings and submits paperwork, the other parent should get copies of that paperwork.

Co-parenting over the summer

Many divorced parents in California work hard to minimize the impact of divorce on their children. This means negotiating fair child support agreements and developing parenting plans that allow both parents to develop a strong relationship with their kids. While many parenting plans focus on visitation during the school year, summer vacation can be a challenge.

Dads and child custody: better options today

For much of the 20th century, fathers in California and across the United States were usually not granted sole child custody rights. Judges usually granted full rights to mothers. Today, courts are more likely to award shared parental custody. Courts currently presume that divorced parents have joint legal custody of their children. Legal custody involves a child's school and educational opportunities, religious upbringing and health care issues. In addition, the court encourages both mothers and fathers to raise their children in dual residences.

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