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child custody and visitation Archives

Abuse claims may be brushed aside in court

While some California fathers claim that they get a bad deal in the child custody system and that mothers are favored, other evidence casts doubt on that belief. Instead, some people have raised concerns that fathers are being favored in child custody cases even when credible allegations of abuse are brought forward. This is especially true when fathers claim that the other parent is alienating the child and causing him or her to make allegations of abuse. Researchers found that when mothers are accused of parental alienation, they are twice as likely to lose custody.

Documents parents need in a child custody case

Parents in California who are getting a divorce might wonder what kind of documentation they should bring to a child custody hearing to increase the likelihood of getting custody. Any documentation should be submitted to the court ahead of time so the judge can review it. When one parent initiates custody proceedings and submits paperwork, the other parent should get copies of that paperwork.

Co-parenting over the summer

Many divorced parents in California work hard to minimize the impact of divorce on their children. This means negotiating fair child support agreements and developing parenting plans that allow both parents to develop a strong relationship with their kids. While many parenting plans focus on visitation during the school year, summer vacation can be a challenge.

Dads and child custody: better options today

For much of the 20th century, fathers in California and across the United States were usually not granted sole child custody rights. Judges usually granted full rights to mothers. Today, courts are more likely to award shared parental custody. Courts currently presume that divorced parents have joint legal custody of their children. Legal custody involves a child's school and educational opportunities, religious upbringing and health care issues. In addition, the court encourages both mothers and fathers to raise their children in dual residences.

Post-divorce co-parenting

Parents in California who get a divorce are likely to have to co-parent with their ex-spouse. In addition to two biological parents, co-parenting situations can also apply to grandparent guardians or adoptive parents. No matter what type of co-parent situation is in place, it is important the all parties involved take the necessary steps to ensure that the welfare of the children is the priority.

Tips for designing a child custody schedule

There are several important points that California parents should keep in mind when creating a joint parenting schedule during a divorce. One of those is that they should try to think about what the experience will be like for their children. Life after divorce involves many changes and a big adjustment for children.

The benefits of parallel parenting after a divorce

When parents in California are going through a divorce, they might struggle to communicate and cooperate. Raising children can be difficult in the midst of a high-conflict divorce. However, in most cases, parents either share custody or one has visitation rights. Therefore, these parents need to find a way to make the situation work. Studies show that witnessing parental conflict is among the biggest stressors for children during divorce. Parallel parenting is a solution that allows children to spend time with both households but reduces the need for exes to communicate directly with one another.

What to do when one parent puts the child in danger

Some parents in California who are going through a divorce may be worried about the child's safety with the other parent. This was the case for one man who was worried about how much his wife drank and the possibility that she might drink and drive. He was also concerned because he said he had been the main caregiver for the child although the mother wanted to delay the divorce so that she could collect evidence of her own caregiving.

Fathers may face challenges in family court

California fathers who are struggling to pay child support should still try to pay some portion of the amount. Ignoring these payments can lead to serious consequences including jail. This was the case for one pediatrician who went to jail for nonpayment of support, lost his job and had to file for bankruptcy. Other issues fathers may encounter include a struggle to establish paternity and get adequate visitation rights if unmarried and being blocked from seeing their children by a protection order. In most cases, mothers instead of fathers still get custody.

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