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Collecting child support

Parents in California may be interested in knowing that almost $33 billion in child support was collected in the 2016 federal fiscal year, according to the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement. Seventy-five percent of the funds collected was obtained by being withheld from people's income. The OCSE is making certain recommendations to ensure that the system for collecting child support remains effective.

Proposed HHS system would centralize child support collection

When Congress passed the Family Support Act in 1995, lawmakers in California and other states were tasked with putting systems into place to ensure that court-ordered child support obligations are met. However, these efforts have been hampered in many parts of the country by technological challenges and bureaucratic obstacles, and some states have given up after struggling with these issues for years. However, the federal 2017 budget proposal released contains a provision that would relieve states of this burden by setting up a central child support enforcement system.

When child support debt leads to wage garnishments

Around 7 percent of all workers have their wages garnished for debts. These may include consumer debt, child support and student loans. California workers who have their wages garnished might be more likely to be men. More than 70 percent of workers nationwide whose wages are garnished are men, and in most cases, the reason is because those men have fallen behind on child support. These and other findings were part of a study released on Sept. 27 by the ADP Research Institute.

Establishing paternity in California

When unmarried California couples have babies, the men are not automatically presumed to be the fathers. Before child support and custody orders can be issued, the paternity of the children must first be established. There are several different ways to establish paternity, and one of the frequently used methods within the family court system is DNA testing.

Reasons for inaccuracy in child support estimates

With all the uncertainties surrounding the end of a marriage and a child's need for stability, California parents who are seeking a divorce in Fullerton are likely to look for predictability anywhere they can fine it. One of the biggest challenges is ensuring financial needs are met, and child support often plays a leading role in this goal. Parents often turn to authoritative government websites for information about child support guidelines.

How parents can modify their child support payments

When a California couple with minor children gets a divorce, one parent is likely going to be required to pay a certain amount in child support every month. Once the amount of child support is set by the court, the parent must continue to make payments without fail or face consequences. However, a parent who experiences a significant change in circumstances could potentially have the child support order modified.

Child support in California

Non-custodial parents can be compelled to make monthly payments to cover the expenses associated with raising a child. In California, the amount that has to be paid will be determined by a judge who will use a state-wide guideline and who will issue the child support order.

How parents might reach a child support agreement

When California parents of young children get a divorce, one might be required to pay child support to the other. Parents do not necessarily have to go to court to have a judge decide the amount, frequency and duration of child support. They can negotiate the agreement themselves or work with their attorneys to reach an accord.

When parents want to stop receiving child support

There are many reasons why a custodial parent might want to stop receiving child support. One could be that the couple has reconciled and are now living together again. However, since child support is usually court-ordered, it may be necessary to take the case back to family court for modification. A court clerk can supply the required documentation for parties to file with the court system. When the case is heard, a judge may or may not be inclined to grant the request depending on the circumstances.

Delinquent child support linked to less parenting time

A growing body of scientific research indicates that children in California and around the country are far better off when they are able to spend quality time with both of their parents. Co-parenting solutions are now favored by family law judges in most situations, and noncustodial parents are encouraged to play an active role in the day-to-day lives of their children. Raising a child is also a serious financial responsibility, and falling behind on child support payments can greatly impact the role of noncustodial parents according to a study published in February.

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