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Accruing wedding debt can eventually lead to divorce

For Californians and people throughout the United States, weddings are a major life event they want to celebrate with family and friends. While this is understandable, it can also have ramifications in the future. Paying the wedding debt can be a struggle. As couples begin their married life together, significant debt can cause problems in the relationship and eventually lead to divorce. Statistically, this has been shown to be a growing concern.

The potential benefits of a postnuptial agreement

California couples who are currently married may want a way to protect assets that have been accumulated during their time together. This may be done by creating a postnuptial agreement. It may be beneficial for couples who are trying to be more responsible with their money or who have decided to start a business together. Those who are expecting to receive an inheritance may want to clarify how it would be treated in the event of a divorce.

Many experts say divorce filings increase in January

The waiting period for divorce in California is one reason couples might file for divorce in January, hoping to wrap up everything by summer, but this is not the only reason many experts say divorces spike in January. Other reasons cited are wanting a fresh start as the new year begins and the realization during the holidays that the marriage is over.

Negotiating prenups and cohabitation agreements

Some couples in California may want to sign a prenuptial agreement or even a cohabitation agreement before moving in together. This can be a good idea, but it can also make for a difficult conversation. This was the case for one woman whose boyfriend asked her to sign an agreement before she moved into the home that his mother helped him buy.

Why engaged couples need to talk about prenups

It can be challenging for newly engaged couples in California to focus on the pragmatic side of their future marriage, like discussing finances. While it may not be the most comfortable thing to do, focusing on the benefits of discussing finances early on in the relationship can help a couple address these topics.

When does divorce make financial sense?

In California and across the country, political debates have drawn attention to tax policy in the United States, especially as it affects some of the wealthiest families. Some candidates have advocated for higher taxes on rich individuals and couples, and these discussions have sparked some conversation about the potential merits of strategic divorce. Wealthy couples both bringing in a substantial amount of income might choose to divorce in order to save on their income taxes. In practice, however, few couples would make this choice, as the tax savings would often be offset by other costs associated with a divorce.

Prenups can be a key step for business owners

In California, many people hope to achieve their dreams in Silicon Valley by founding the next big tech startup. The right idea and the right investors can propel small companies to billion-dollar valuations, and the state is a hub for advanced tech workers throughout the industry. However, tech startup founders and other business owners have some unique considerations to keep in mind when it comes to their personal relationships. Because California is a community property state, all assets acquired after marriage are assumed to belong equally to both partners, even if one of those assets is one partner's closely held company.

Dividing the marital home in a divorce

When people in California make the decision to divorce, dividing the marital home can be a challenging prospect. Both people may feel a sense of emotional attachment to the property. Even more, the home can be the largest single asset shared by the couple, so each partner may have difficulty raising the required funds to buy out the other. Of course, the value of a buyout is not solely determined by the market value of the home but rather by the equity that the married couple has in the property. The amount of the buyout may be affected by the mortgage remaining on the home, and refinancing the mortgage is another significant issue during property division.

Making the divorce process bearable

With divorce rates hovering at about 50% for all first-time marriages, and even higher for subsequent marriages, a significant number of California residents might go through this experience. Divorce can be a long, tense period that evokes many negative feelings. However, there are things a person can do to make it more tolerable.

Annoying personality traits do not have to lead to divorce

Many marriages in California and around the country end in divorce, and spouses sometimes choose to take this path when personality traits that may have once seemed minor or even endearing become irritating or overwhelming. Nobody is perfect and annoying habits are age and gender neutral, but bad behavior does not have to lead to divorce if couples are able to communicate openly and address these issues before they become unbearable.

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