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Getting prepared for mediation

When California couples decide to divorce, mediation is an option that could keep them out of the courtroom. A successful mediation can lead to a legal divorce that does not require involvement from a judge, but having a successful mediation is more likely if both parties do some advanced preparation for the actual process.

Using mediation in the divorce process

Some California couples who are seeking a divorce might imagine it taking place in a court room with a judge making decisions about child custody and property division, but these are actually issues that a couple can negotiate themselves. Furthermore, the divorce does not have to be an amicable one for these negotiations to take place. The couple may use an alternative dispute resolution process to reach an agreement.

Making summer easier for parents and children

Divorced parents in California may be looking forward to seeing their kids this summer. However, as the children get older, they may not be as excited about leaving friends and other familiar surroundings of home. To make it easier to spend time with a son or daughter, parents may want to make themselves a part of their child's routine.

Knowing when mediation is appropriate

California residents who are going through the divorce process may wish to do so with the help of a mediator. Going through mediation may be ideal for an uncontested divorce, and in some cases, a divorce may become uncontested with the help of a mediator. As opposed to litigation, mediation is a process in which both sides work together to resolve their differences.

Divorcing with kids? Consider mediation

Many parents face the difficult prospect of dissolving a marriage that cannot continue while still caring for the children they both love very much. If you're like most people, you've heard plenty of horror stories of divorces that were devastating to children who lived through them, often harming the relationships with their parents for years to come.

Good reasons to choose divorce mediation

While many California couples who are ending their marriages may think that going to court is the best way to resolve a divorce, there may be many benefits to mediation. First, mediation is conducted by a neutral party who is there to facilitate a conversation. He or she will allow both sides to speak without interruption from the other person. This decreases the odds of an argument while allowing both sides to articulate their feelings.

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