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child custody and visitation Archives

Child custody and the death of a parent

California fathers who have not established paternity will need to do so if the custodial parent dies and the father wishes to become the custodial parent. If a custodial parent dies and the other parent is unable or unwilling to become the child's guardian, there are a few things that might happen.

Thinking of children during a divorce

The end of a California couple's marriage can often be a difficult and emotional period. It can become even more complicated when the couple has young children. While many ex-spouses will be angry with each other, parents who are going through a divorce are well-advised to think of the effect that extreme anger can have on their kids.

3 child custody considerations for military men

You promised to serve your country and are proud to be able to do so. Now that you have a child, you find that military life doesn't always make parenting easy. This problem is compounded if you and your child's mother aren't together any longer. Not only do you have to deal with the normal issues that come with child custody cases, you also have to deal with deployments, irregular schedules, and other issues associated with life in the military. Whether you are in the California National Guard or serving in another branch, these considerations might make your child custody case a bit easier.

How mediation can help resolve coparenting disputes

California parents whose former spouse decides to move in order to be closer to a new partner may face longer commuting times and other challenges. For example, the parent and the new partner might dislike one another, and neither may like the other being in contact with the child. Parents may still carry a lot of anger at one another after the divorce, and the move might become the battleground for that anger. However, the result may be that the child is the one who loses out.

Child custody tips for the school year

Child custody during the school year often looks different than it does during the summer months. In the summer, kids are more likely to spend more time with the parent who does not have primary custody. Suddenly, instead of working around two sets of firmly set schedules, there are three or more schedules to contend with.

The primary caretaker and custody orders

When California parents who are going through a divorce are unable to agree about the physical custody of their children, they may file petitions in family courts. It is important to understand that judges tend to prefer the parent who has acted as the child's primary caretaker.

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