Developing a parenting plan for an infant

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Parents of children at any age may find it challenging to adjust to a child custody plan and a visitation schedule in California. After all, it is difficult for many parents to deal with losing time with their children when they were used to being with them every day of the week. However, parents of infants may face even more questions. There is no clear right answer about the right custody and visitation schedule for infants. While it may not seem that babies have any particular preferences or feelings for their time with their parents, they benefit from time with both of their parents.

When a baby is being breastfed, he or she will generally need to have more time with the mother. Pumping can allow for more shared visitation, but some mothers can have difficulty pumping. While supplementing with formula may be an option for some parents, others may opt for a visitation schedule that changes after the period of exclusive breastfeeding is over. Some parents prioritize breastfeeding for the health benefits as well as the financial savings. If the feeding question is resolved, overnight custody sharing or visitation can benefit everyone.

Night duty is one of the more challenging parts of raising an infant, and sharing custody may support both parents in pursuing their careers. However, some courts believe that it is better to keep the child in one parent’s primary custody until the age of 3. After that, custody would be revisited in order to ensure that both parents have the opportunity to share custody.

Caring for an infant can be difficult yet rewarding. When parents decide to divorce, splitting child custody can carry unique questions if a small baby is involved. A family law attorney may help a divorcing parent to negotiate a parenting plan that works for all parties.

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