More efficient child support processing slated for 2017

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California businesses that have employees who are subject to child support orders may want to know about a portal that will be available across the country in 2017. On Oct. 31, the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement released the online portal, which is designed to help payroll practitioners process withholding documents in a quicker, more efficient manner.

As presented by the federal office, the portal appears to be a comprehensive resource with an all-encompassing reach that surpasses traditional practices associated with payroll processing and child support. Employers who are located in almost all U.S. territories and states are allowed to provide information about their employees’ bonuses or termination by utilizing one or both of the portal’s lump-sum or electronic termination reporting features. When used by employers to report a bonus that is due to the employee prior to its payment, agencies can issue the necessary income withholding orders in advance.

Employers can now turn to the portal in order to provide up-to-date information to child support agencies regarding any health insurance benefits that they may offer. Based on this input, the appropriate authority can determine whether the employer is required to process a medical support notice. The process could ultimately save the employer time and dollars in the event that such information is not deemed necessary.

Employees who are subject to child support withholding and who have suffered an adverse change in financial circumstances may wonder how they should proceed. They may want to meet with an attorney to see if it would be advisable to file a motion to modify the order with the court.

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