Never use these reasons to refuse child visitation

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Courts in California and other states are likely to grant visitation rights to a non-custodial parent unless it is assumed that the child would be in danger. Despite this fact, squabbles often take place between co-parents. Here are a few reasons a custodial parent may try to use to deny visitation rights illegally.

Hostility and bitterness may have led to the divorce. After a couple separates, a custodial parent may try to utilize the only leverage they have left, which is the child. This is illegal and not in the best interests of the child. This could lead to the custodial parent losing custody, facing fines and dealing with jail time.

It can hurt for a person to know that their ex-spouse is involved with another person romantically. Knowing that the ex-spouse has moved on can cause a person to feel jealous, and they may experience apprehension when thinking about the relationship that the child will have with the ex-spouse’s romantic interest. It is also possible that the child may not like this new person. However, none of these situations provide legal grounds to deny visitation.

A custodial parent may feel frustrated because their ex-spouse is behind on child support payments. This scenario does not give a person legal grounds to deny a parent visitation rights either. If a parent has been refused visitation, this does not mean that they can stop paying child support.

In order to co-parent successfully, each parent needs to look out for the best interests of the children. Situations may arise that would cause a person to turn to a family law attorney. An attorney may be able to provide information about child custody, parental rights and visitation. The attorney may also represent a client during child custody litigation.

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