Thinking of children during a divorce

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The end of a California couple’s marriage can often be a difficult and emotional period. It can become even more complicated when the couple has young children. While many ex-spouses will be angry with each other, parents who are going through a divorce are well-advised to think of the effect that extreme anger can have on their kids.

Putting children first can even factor into the initial decision as to when to file the divorce papers. Some parents may believe that filing during the school year will allow them to schedule visits with their attorneys while their children are in class. Others may prefer to do it during summer vacation, which could allow them to spend more time separately with their children and help the kids to adjust to the new family dynamic.

A decision that will shortly follow is living arrangements while the divorce is pending. Parents who can get along might find it advisable to remain together in the home. Others might decide that having one or the other spending the weekend somewhere else will be more appropriate. What is well-established, however, is that fighting in front of the children can have a negative impact. Parents should strive to remain civil with each other and not badmouth the other in front of the kids.

One thing that will have to be worked on before the divorce is finalized is a parenting plan that sets forth in detail where the children will primarily reside and when the non-custodial parent will be able to have visitation rights. These issues can often be resolved by the parents with the help of their respective family law attorneys.

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