Working together can improve the divorce process

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Divorce can be a challenging process, but the traditional path to division may not be the best option for you. There might be other ways for you to approach the process, that could make things easier on you during this tough period in your life.

Participants in mediation are more likely to be satisfied with the process than those in litigation. The same holds true for those that begin with mediation but still continue to the traditional method. When you’re hesitant about entering into a conventional divorce, mediation may offer you a better way forward.

Combining efforts

Approaching your divorce through mediation can offer several benefits:

  • Go-betweens: You don’t have to hash out all the details on your own. The mediator can help you and your spouse come to agreements, facilitate conversations and help work through any breakdowns that occur. You might even benefit from some separate meetings through especially contentious periods of negotiation.
  • Privacy matters: Divorce court is usually a public affair, while mediation takes place behind closed doors. Whatever you discuss to come to an agreement won’t often see the light of day. The only thing that will arrive in open court will be your final decisions.
  • Partial agreements: You don’t have to solve every problem through mediation. There are many issues that you’ll need to consider in divorce, but many of those answers aren’t easy. You may be able to come to terms on some questions, then present those answers to the court for the judge to consider.

Finding the right way to progress through your divorce is the beginning of the process. Choosing the right path could grant you a better journey to resolution.

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