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Are You Involved In A Domestic Violence Incident?

If you have been charged with a crime or banned from your own home through a restraining order, you need empathetic, skilled legal protection. Likewise, if you and perhaps your children have suffered the effects of domestic violence by your significant other, you need compassionate guidance right away.

At The Law Offices of Ronda A. Middleton, we understand that extraordinary circumstances lead to unprecedented personal pressures. You can count on attorney Ronda A. Middleton to act swiftly and effectively for your future’s sake.

No, This Is Not Normal. Yes, There Is Light After This Tunnel.

Most people who are accused of domestic assault or who are targeted through family violence are shocked and dismayed. Many experience other powerful emotions, including anger and fear. Once you start to get caught in the cycle of domestic violence, it is important to step out of it as soon as you can and get help. Ms. Middleton has built a strong reputation among law enforcement agencies that receive calls for help in domestic disturbances. She is known as a level-headed, effective adviser and advocate.

Legal actions such as the following may be your first order of business after you have been arrested or felt threatened by your spouse or domestic partner:

  • Representation to get out of jail and avoid a criminal record if you are the accused one.
  • Restoration of your rights to your home and children if you have been named in a restraining order.
  • The creation of a protective order if you are the one who has been harmed.

Ronda A. Middleton is available to provide the direction that you need. If your arrest or your spouse’s aggressions may affect your child custody or divorce case, Ms. Middleton will inform you of ways to mitigate the damage and move forward in your family’s best interests.

Effective Advice For Domestic Violence Matters

Men: The Law Offices of Ronda A. Middleton is a reliable resource for fathers’ rights and respectful representation. Women: At our law firm, you will be heard, no matter which side of the domestic violence equation you find yourself on. You will thoroughly explain your rights and legal options.

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Don’t delay contact us with this dire situation. Resolving your domestic violence case requires a careful examination of the facts along with a well-thought-out roadmap to a safer place. Attorney Ronda A. Middleton is ready to apply her knowledge to represent you without judgment. To schedule a consultation, call 714-680-9777 or send an email inquiry.

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