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Divorce rates fall while marriage rates increase

California residents may be interested to know that data released on Nov. 17 reveals that divorce rates dropped in 2015 while marriage rates increased in the same year. However, this doesn't imply that marriage rates are increasing because divorce rates are dropping or vice versa. While research still indicates that marriages have a 50 percent chance to fail, first marriages are generally more likely to last as opposed to a second marriage.

File for divorce now or wait until the new year?

January is a popular month to start divorce proceedings-perhaps it's because of yet another unpleasant holiday season spent as a couple, or because you're the kind of person who loves making and keeping new year's resolutions. But is it worth waiting for, when you're miserable? While you may want to act right now, there are good reasons to wait until a few weeks into January:

Divorce mediation and contested custody

The custody of any marital children can often be one of the most contentious areas when a couple is going through a divorce. Both parties may want primary physical custody, or one spouse may ask the courts to deny their soon-to-be ex-partner any rights to visitation. The result can be a drawn-out process where a judge makes the final decision instead of the parents. That, in turn, can create a situation where no one, either parent or the children, are happy with the outcome of the divorce proceedings. Divorce mediation is one of the easiest ways to avoid having the terms of custody in your divorce decided by a judge instead of by your family.

The impact of divorce after 50 on California residents

The number of divorces for those over the age of 50 doubled from 1990 to 2010 according to the National Center for Family & Marriage Research. This may have a significant impact on an older person's ability to retire. Those who have never been divorced received an average of $22,607 from Social Security each year while those who have been divorced after age 50 received $12,092 on average per year.

How shared parenting helps California children

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are in the middle of officially ending their marriage, and Jolie has filed for full custody of their six children. That is a move that is less common today. While the common perception in the past was that the children should stay with their primary caretaker, that has shifted. Today, it is assumed in California and other states that children are happier with both parents in their lives when both parents are fit to raise them.

Handling education accounts in a divorce

When a couple in California plans to divorce, they will need to figure out what to do with any money they have in special savings accounts. This includes any cash saved for their children's college educations. A separating spouse may want to take steps to ensure that such accounts are not used for other means after the divorce.

Older couples should consider retirement accounts during divorce

When California couples get divorced, they often worry about how they will split up their assets. For younger couples, the house may be the most valuable asset. However, older couples are more likely to worry about their retirement accounts.

Determining the need for calculation or valuation in a divorce

In California, a business owner who gets a divorce may have to split some of the assets of their enterprise with their ex. In such situations, it's important to establish an accurate value for the business before negotiating the divorce.

How parents can reduce their children's stress during divorce

Parents in California who are getting a divorce might be worried about the welfare of their children. One way to reassure children during and after a divorce is by working to reduce upheaval in the child's life. Some changes are inevitable, and depending on the situation, they may range from different homes and schools to adjusting to new partners for their parents. However, parents can help by avoiding any unnecessary changes and assisting children in dealing with the ones that are necessary.

Does divorce have a season?

As many California couples know, marital strife knows no season. In many cases, discord builds up over time, and spouses eventually decide that enough is enough and begin to look into ending their marriage. However, sociologists are beginning to notice a pattern in that suggest that divorce filings are more common in some seasons than others.

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