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Sharing child custody during the holidays

Divorce is increasingly common in California and in other parts of the nation. Sharing child custody presents many challenges at any time of the year, but it can be especially difficult during the holidays. There are, however, ways for parents to make the holidays easier for themselves and their children.

Choosing professionals to assist in a divorce

For California couples, divorce can be an emotional time, and it can mean that a support team is needed. For emotional support, a person might turn to friends, family and a therapist who specializes in divorce issues. For financial and legal support, a financial adviser and an attorney might be useful.

How to decide whether to sign a prenuptial agreement

In a community property state like California, marital property is supposed to be divided equally if the couple divorces. A prenuptial agreement can prevent this from happening. Some people may see a prenuptial agreement as a plan to get a divorce, but a prenup may also protect assets if the marriage ends with the death of a spouse.

Important divorce considerations for older couples

Divorce could cause financial stress for any age group, but it's particularly challenging for those in their 40s and 50s. Older couples in California tend to have more assets to divide and more to lose if they decide to end their marriages. There are a few things a spouse who is unhappy in their marriage should consider before contacting an attorney.

Delaying divorce for the sake of the children

Because a divorce could affect everyone in the family, married couples in California may be wondering whether they should stay together for the children. In some situations, parents who believe that staying married is the best option for their kids are only putting off the inevitable. Couples should weigh both the pros and cons of maintaining the marital relationship before deciding whether to put off divorce for the kids.

Factors that can put a marriage on the road to divorce

When couples enter a marriage, they often do so with dreams of a future together, but for many California couples, this dream is derailed, and the marriage ends in divorce. While some unions can survive serious problems, there are some significant factors that can put a marriage on the road to divorce.

Online dating and divorce rates

Many California residents face the prospect of divorce every year. Online dating has made it easier than ever before for single individuals to meet new partners. It would seem likely that this trend could lead to an increase in divorce rates, but a study conducted by professors at the University of Essex and the University of Vienna indicates otherwise.

Studies identify factors that may influence divorce rate

California couples who get married in their late 20s or early 30s may have a lower divorce rate than couples who marry when they are older or younger. Various studies have linked a number of factors to the likelihood of a marriage falling apart. For example, more attractive couples have a higher chance of divorce.

California woman concerned about husband hiding assets in divorce

A 61-year-old woman writing to a financial advice columnist explained that her husband expected to get their house and half of her 401(k) retirement funds. They had been married for 25 years when she asked him for a divorce. Although she sent her financial records to his attorney, he had not reciprocated with his records. She wanted to know if he could legally get their home and half of her retirement because it was her understanding that the state required divorces to split assets equally.

Challenges for older couples who are getting a divorce

Older California couples who are getting a divorce may face a number of financial challenges. Because they have fewer years left until retirement, they may have less ability to make up for the financial losses that the end of a marriage can produce. Since the 1990s, the divorce rate for people 50 and older has doubled despite going down for other age groups. Divorces can be costly even when they are relatively amicable, and some couples may spend thousands and thousands of dollars wrangling over assets.

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