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Common property division mistakes in a divorce

California couples who are getting a divorce should be aware that there are some common financial pitfalls to be avoided. One of these is trying to keep the family home on a single income. A person who does this may find that it is not possible to do the necessary upkeep.

The likelihood of divorce in different professions

The California marriages of scientists, actuaries, physicians and software developers may be less vulnerable to divorce than those of flight attendants, bartenders and casino workers. A study found that people who work in the fields of math and science have lower-than-average divorce rates while the rates of those who work in transportation or whose work involves night life are higher than average. Professions that are more popular in rural areas, including military careers, forestry, fishing and farming, also had a lower-than-average divorce rate.

Making sure that divorcees can deduct alimony

When divorcing spouses in California come to an agreement regarding alimony, it's important that the order's language complies with the guidelines outlined by the Internal Revenue Service. If alimony orders are set up correctly, the payments may be deducted on the payor spouse's tax returns.

When mediation might not work

California couples who are going through a divorce might wonder about using mediation instead of litigation. While the mediation process can save time and money, it is not necessarily appropriate for everyone.

dealing with the financial aspects of a divorce

California couples may not know that, every year, an estimated 813,000 Americans get a divorce. The average cost of getting a divorce is about $20,000, an amount that can be financially difficult for many. However, there are additional costs that may not be felt until well after the divorce has been settled, especially if a person is required to pay child and spousal support.

Shielding and insulating kids from divorce

Many California parents struggle with how to manage the impact of divorce on their children. There are concerns over the children's mental health and what they should be told about the divorce. While some parents may aim to insulate their children from the divorce entirely, this is often not the best way.

Divorce rates may not accurately reveal split likelihood

California couples may be interested to learn that divorce rates aren't as easy to predict as people might assume. Some estimates, like the cohort measure rate that examines specific population groups' divorce incidences in relation to life tables, give rates between 40 and 50 percent. Others reveal far lower figures. For instance, the refined annual divorce rate, which counts how many divorces there are for every 1,000 married women, produces a rate of less than 2 percent.

Husband's job status may affect likelihood of divorce

A marriage in California might have a higher chance of ending in divorce if the husband is not employed full time. This was one of the findings in a study that appeared in the "American Sociological Review." A Harvard sociology professor looked at 46 years of data from more than 6,000 couples and found an increase in divorce in the mid-1970s. In part, this may have been because the stigma associated with divorce declined. The professor examined both employment and the division of household chores to see how those factors affected a couple's likelihood of divorce.

Factors for gray divorces

The rate of gray divorces, or divorces among individuals who are 50 years old or older, has been increasing. However, California couples may be interested to know that the factors that contribute to these splits may not be what they think.

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