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Top situations when a prenuptial agreement could be crucial

Popping the question about creating a prenuptial agreement might be a turn off for many couples in California. However, the legal practicalities of executing such…

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Delinquent child support linked to less parenting time

A growing body of scientific research indicates that children in California and around the country are far better off when they are able to spend…

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Determining ownership rights to frozen embryos

In a divorce that takes place in California, property generally stays with its owner. This is true even if that property happens to be a…

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Incarcerated parents who owe child support may get modification

When California parents who pay child support are incarcerated, they have the opportunity to request a modification in support based on a change in circumstances.…

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Housing options in a divorce

California couples that are ending their marriage should be fully aware of their options when it comes to deciding what to do with the home…

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