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Could financial infidelity drive you to divorce?

What kind of secrets is your spouse keeping from you? Forget about illicit romances, you probably ought to be worried that they have a hidden…

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What are some reasons people end marriages?

People go into marriage with the intention of staying a couple forever. They never expect that things will happen that could lead to them wanting…

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FAQ: Relating to your ex after divorce

If you and your ex have children, you’re always going to have a relationship to some degree. You have to be co-parents for your children…

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Does California have a formal separation period, and does it matter?

If you are interested in getting a divorce, you should learn more about California’s legal separation process. This is somewhat unique to the state in…

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What are the most common causes of divorce?

When you married your spouse, you expected that you’d stay together permanently. You didn’t feel like you had high expectations, and both of you were…

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Is staying in contact with your ex a good idea?

A lot of people in California stay in contact with their ex-partners after breaking up. But when you get into a new relationship, does contact…

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5 places your spouse may hide assets in divorce

When you divorce in California, you need to work out what is separate property and what is community property. Separate property you each keep, community…

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Dismantle Your Shared Media Presence During a Divorce

California residents know that it’s difficult going through a divorce. Soon-to-be former spouses have to split up everything from their home to their children to…

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Know the warning signs of a potentially abusive intimate partner or spouse

Romantic partners and married couples argue from time to time. Maybe each person envisions the future of the relationship differently. Perhaps they bicker about household…

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Retirement, pensions and divorce: What couples need to know

Many people work their whole lives to build up their nest egg so that they can retire. When a couple makes their plans together, all…

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