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Choosing professionals to assist in a divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2017 | Divorce |

For California couples, divorce can be an emotional time, and it can mean that a support team is needed. For emotional support, a person might turn to friends, family and a therapist who specializes in divorce issues. For financial and legal support, a financial adviser and an attorney might be useful.

A financial adviser with a background in matrimonial finance may be better prepared to deal specifically with issues around a divorce. For example, the first thing a person may need to do is organize financial records. The individual may also need assistance in comparing the options for dividing property in the divorce agreement. Finally, after the divorce, a person might also need help in planning for life on a single income.

In choosing an attorney, people can turn to family and friends for recommendations. They may also want to interview several attorneys to get a sense of how comfortable they feel with each of them. The relationship with an attorney may last for some time, so it is important for a person to feel comfortable. Individuals should keep in mind that an attorney with a background in similar divorce cases could be a good choice.

People may want to discuss their goals for property division and child custody with the attorney before going into negotiation or litigation. In California, a community property state, debts and assets acquired since marriage are usually considered shared property. However, there may be exceptions, such as inheritances, and a couple may be able to reach a solution that suits them better than splitting everything 50/50. Attorneys can assist in negotiating this agreement. If there are children, the couple will also need to make an agreement about custody and visitation or go to court.