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What happens if your ex wants to leave California with the kids?

When married couples divorce and unmarried parents decide to break up, shared custody is usually the outcome. The California family courts will typically create or…

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FAQ: Relating to your ex after divorce

If you and your ex have children, you’re always going to have a relationship to some degree. You have to be co-parents for your children…

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What impact do claims of domestic violence have on custody cases?

After years of living together and sharing the most stressful moments life has to offer, you know what your spouse is capable of better than…

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Does California have a formal separation period, and does it matter?

If you are interested in getting a divorce, you should learn more about California’s legal separation process. This is somewhat unique to the state in…

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Don’t just close your bank account when you file for divorce

When many people file for divorce, one of the first things they think of is closing down their bank account. They may have a joint…

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What happens when you’re not truthful about your finances?

Financial infidelity is a serious problem in relationships and can end up leading to divorce. Then, during a divorce, that infidelity may lead to issues…

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What are the most common causes of divorce?

When you married your spouse, you expected that you’d stay together permanently. You didn’t feel like you had high expectations, and both of you were…

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