What are some reasons people end marriages?

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People go into marriage with the intention of staying a couple forever. They never expect that things will happen that could lead to them wanting to end the relationship. Factors, such as abuse, can cause a breakdown of the marriage.

Whether you’re in a happy marriage or one that’s kind of rocky, you should learn about some factors that can lead to divorce. This may help you to save your marriage or decide that it really is a lost cause.

Financial difficulties

Different financial goals and beliefs can cause significant issues in a marriage. It’s a good idea to have discussions about money matters before you get married so you know if you have the same beliefs.

Challenging communication

Communication that wanes as the relationship goes on can make it impossible to stay married. Both parties have to be able to communicate openly with each other. Neither should feel bad about how they feel.

Physical or emotional infidelity

Infidelity, even when there’s no physical connection, can cause a marriage to dissolve. Emotional cheating shows interest outside of the marriage. Infidelity often causes resentment and it may be difficult to overcome those feelings.

Shifts in serious aspects of life

Common goals and visions are usually present at the start of a marriage. As time passes, each spouse might begin to develop new interests. While that’s perfectly normal, the problem comes in when the goals and visions of the spouses are opposites.

Active and uncontrolled addiction

Living with an addict is challenging, but a spouse will likely try to stick things out and try to get the person the help they need to get sober. When help is pushed away and the person refuses treatment, it might spell doom for the marriage.

Anyone considering ending their marriage should ensure they take steps ahead of time to protect themselves as long as it’s safe to do so. Working with someone who can help you to learn your options and evaluate them so you can make the decisions that are best for your needs.

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