3 Ways divorce mediation is easier on families

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There’s nothing easy about ending a marriage – especially when you and your ex share children. But while everyone has heard their fair share of divorce horror stories, the truth is you don’t have to let the litigation process tear apart your family. Divorce mediation is a less painful and costly alternative to litigated divorce that encourages you and your ex to work together to set the terms for your split. Here are three ways divorce mediation can ease the stresses of divorce for you and your family:

1. It’s significantly cheaper

Litigated divorce has a reputation for being time-consuming and expensive. When you have to go to war over who gets what, the price tag on divorce litigation can average between $15,000 and $40,000. In divorce mediation, a neutral third-party helps guide you and your ex towards mutual solutions as quickly as possible, saving you time and thousands of dollars.

2. It’s less stressful for children

Several studies suggest that ongoing parental conflict can have long-lasting adverse effects on your children’s wellbeing. A contentious divorce can lead to kids’ physical and behavioral problems and even cause relationship issues later on in their adult lives. While divorce mediation isn’t always without its challenges, it encourages you and your ex to work together amicably and prevent your kids from feeling like they must choose a side.

3. It promotes compromise and teamwork

Mediation is an ideal solution if you and your ex will be sharing an active role in your children’s lives. The ultimate goal of divorce mediation is to reach fair terms that both you and your ex agree on. While litigated divorce outcomes can often feel like there are winners and losers, mediation ensures that your breakup goes as smoothly as possible and sets the stage for working together in the future.

Divorce is hard on the entire family. If you want to keep the peace with your ex and minimize the damaging effects of divorce, mediation may be the right solution for your goals.

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