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4 reasons to consider mediation to resolve your divorce issues

Divorce mediation was once a niche solution that few people knew about, let alone employed during their divorces. That has changed. Mediation has become a…

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Mediate your way to a satisfactory custody and parenting plan

Child-related issues can subvert even the most amicable divorces here in the Fullerton, California, region. Often, divorces begin in a relatively peaceful way, but when…

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3 Ways divorce mediation is easier on families

There’s nothing easy about ending a marriage – especially when you and your ex share children. But while everyone has heard their fair share of…

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Getting prepared for mediation

When California couples decide to divorce, mediation is an option that could keep them out of the courtroom. A successful mediation can lead to a…

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Using mediation in the divorce process

Some California couples who are seeking a divorce might imagine it taking place in a court room with a judge making decisions about child custody…

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Knowing when mediation is appropriate

California residents who are going through the divorce process may wish to do so with the help of a mediator. Going through mediation may be…

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Divorcing with kids? Consider mediation

Many parents face the difficult prospect of dissolving a marriage that cannot continue while still caring for the children they both love very much. If…

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Good reasons to choose divorce mediation

While many California couples who are ending their marriages may think that going to court is the best way to resolve a divorce, there may…

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Yes, there’s a divorce option to that austere, forbidding courtroom

Are you a Southern California resident all tied up in knots and dealing with major angst after having decided with your partner that a divorce…

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