A father may need to request a child support modification

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As a father, there will be many things going through your mind as the divorce process moves forward.

While it’s important to focus on the future, you need to remember one thing: you don’t want to miss out on helping raise your child.

If you are required by the court to pay support, it’s nice to know that this money will go toward a better life for your child.

At some point, you may realize that you are unable to make your full child support payment. This can bring additional stress to your life, as you may not know what to do next.

It’s not easy to receive a child support modification, but there are steps you can take to begin the process. Here are some of the many things to do:

  • Take the first step today. Once you realize that a modification is a must, you should take the first step. This is the only way to reach the end result you’re striving for.
  • Learn more about child support laws in your state. The knowledge you gather will help you make more informed decisions.
  • Reach out to the other parent. This may not be easy to do, especially if you don’t get along, but talking to the other parent about your situation could help you avoid the court process. The other person may agree for you to pay less in child support for the time being.
  • Stay current. It can be difficult, but do whatever you can to stay current with your child support payments. Until you receive a modification, you are expected to pay what you owe.
  • Make note of your change in circumstances. You need to have a reason for requesting a child support modification, such as a job loss or illness. You should document your change in circumstances, as this will strengthen your case.

As a father, there could come a point when you need to request a child support modification. This doesn’t mean you no longer love your child or want to stop raising him or her. It simply means your circumstances are no longer the same, meaning that you can’t afford the full payment for the meantime.

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