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Is staying in contact with your ex a good idea?

A lot of people in California stay in contact with their ex-partners after breaking up. But when you get into a new relationship, does contact…

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Dismantle Your Shared Media Presence During a Divorce

California residents know that it’s difficult going through a divorce. Soon-to-be former spouses have to split up everything from their home to their children to…

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Helping children do well in school during divorce

Your spouse asks for a divorce, and your first thought isn’t even for yourself. It’s for your children. You know how important their education is,…

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Those father/children relationships are very important

Children need to have a relationship with both their mother and their father. This is especially true after divorce, when these relationships can change. It’s…

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Past financial support does not eliminate future support

People have a lot of misconceptions about financial support in divorce. They often feel like the payments the court orders are unfair or put them…

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Setting up a new budget after divorce

For better and worse, divorce changes your finances. Maybe your spouse spent most of your money, so you assume you’ll have more financial freedom. Maybe…

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Stay connected while your child’s in the other parent’s care

After a divorce, it may be frustrating to see your child less. You and your ex-spouse may have bad blood between you, but you know…

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Get your financial situation in order before the divorce process

If the time comes to talk to your spouse about getting a divorce, there will be many details that require your attention. For example, it’s…

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3 tips for talking to your teen about divorce

Talking to your teen about what you’re going through with divorce probably isn’t something you’re eager to do. No parent wants to break bad news…

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Divorce mediation protects a family’s rights and privacy

Couples who choose to divorce often worry about keeping the matter calm and civil, but also private. While a divorce may remain responsible and civil…

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