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Not all divorces turn into months-long battles between spouses, with good reason. While divorce is usually a stressful, difficult season, both parties can choose to work together in a civil way to achieve quick, effective divorce with minimal conflict.

Some attorneys even offer same-day divorce services, which allow spouses to file all the proper paperwork for a simple divorce in only one meeting. While not all couples qualify for same-day divorce, couples willing to research their options fully often find they have more options than they realize.

If you believe that your marriage may qualify for same-day, it is wise to consult with an experienced attorney who offers this specific service. It is very unlikely for you and your spouse to navigate a quick dissolution of your marriage properly in a single day or any relatively short timeframe without professional guidance.

Professional legal counsel from an established divorce attorney ensures that you understand all of the issues at stake in your divorce while keeping your rights protected.

Who may qualify for a quick divorce?

Divorce may drag out for a number of reasons, depending on various factors in the finances and relationships of the individuals seeking to end their marriage. In your case, you may want to consider how each of these issues may complicate your divorce, including:

  • The size and complexity of your marital property
  • The length of time your marriage persisted
  • Your estate planning documents
  • Your parenting responsibilities, if any
  • Your interpersonal conflicts

Same-day divorces are no-fault divorces, so both spouses must agree to filing under no-fault in order for any of the other qualifications to enter the equation, so to speak. The fewer of these complications that your marriage features, the more likely you are to qualify for a quick divorce.

Don’t know if you qualify?

If you have any reason to believe your divorce could be a same-day divorce, you should consult with an attorney who offers it to assess your options. even if you don’t qualify for the same-day process, you may find that you can achieve a quick, respectful divorce nonetheless.

When divorce is on the table, it is often difficult to make fair, thoughtful decisions. Understand that most divorces are often only as difficult or protracted as both parties choose to make them. Even in divorces with significant conflict, both spouses can choose to approach the process as adults and work together for a fair, quick resolution.

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