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Reduce the cost of divorce with the right discussions

If you’re approaching a divorce from a reasonable standpoint, then the first thing you really need to do is to sit down and budget for it. If you and your spouse can work together to create a budget to manage the divorce, that’s great. If…

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Help your children adjust to life with divorced parents

Children adjust well to many new situations. One that might not be so easy for them occurs when their parents divorce. Finding out that their parents are going to live in separate homes is a huge shock for these children. As a parent, you will…

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When you’re a police officer, custody requires special thought

As a police officer, your job is to serve and protect. However, your primary concern now is your child. As a parent going through a divorce, there is a risk that you could lose a good portion of custody with your child if you’re unable…

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Joint credit card debt can complicate your divorce

Once you decide to divorce, some of your attention will immediately turn to property division. Not only should you understand the difference between separate and marital property in California, but you must also have a comprehensive list of both types to ensure that nothing is…

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Divorced firefighters and parental scheduling conflicts

You got married just as you started your training to become a firefighter. Your wife was very supportive of it at the time. You went on to get a full-time job in Fullerton, where you love what you do. You and your wife had kids,…

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4 critical tips for the single dad

You thought that you would work with your spouse to raise your kids. That was always the plan. In your mind, that’s just how life would go. When your spouse asked for a divorce, it shattered those plans. Suddenly, you became more focused than ever…

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Will you need to pay spousal support for your stay-at-home ex?

Divorce is a very stressful time, especially if you didn’t know that your spouse intended to file. You may feel angry or betrayed. It is very common to have strong feelings about the potential financial impact of a divorce. Not only will you have to…

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Unmarried dads in California can still have custody rights

There is a common misconception that custody rights innately favor the mother in most cases. However, the law regarding custody does not have a gender bias. It is simply the practical experience of having a child that often results in a mother receiving custody by…

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Post-divorce life: Financial tips and budgeting advice

You have had time to deal with the emotional side of your spouse asking for a divorce. You knew it was coming, after all. You’re ready for it. Yes, it is going to be a big change in your life, but you feel confident that…

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Is representing yourself in divorce really dangerous?

For many spouses and parents who face divorce, the prospect of hiring an attorney to represent them seems like a waste of time and money, especially if they do not have endless resources. While it is true that some divorces are much less complex than…

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