Complications during child exchanges

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For California parents who are going through a difficult divorce, determining how parenting time and child custody will work can be frustrating, especially when they realize that they may not get everything that they want. After the divorce has been finalized, most custody arrangements will involve routine child exchanges as part of a visitation schedule and parenting plan. In some cases, this can be a tense event.

There have been instances in the past where parents or children have been injured or killed during child exchanges. For example, a Texas man attempted to have his friend shoot and injure him so that he could win custody of his child. However, the child ended up being fatally shot instead. Similarly, a 49-year-old Texas man was shot and killed by his ex-wife’s boyfriend while the children were present.

Even if their relationship is bitter, parents need to be able to put their emotions on hold for their children. By staying calm and managing disagreements, the actual exchange can go off without a hitch and allow the child to be more comfortable with both parents. Otherwise, one or both parents may be at risk for having their parental rights terminated by the court, meaning they could lose access to their child.

Child custody disputes can be very difficult for both parents, but in many cases the real victim ends up being the child, especially when they are viewed as being battles to be won or lost. Family law attorneys will remind their clients that the primary objective should be the best interests of the child.

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