Cookie-cutter approach: not a winning formula in family law

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Generic, boilerplate and cookie-cutter approaches are commonly employed every day by legions of Americans focused upon particular endeavors.

To wit: If you want to make a kitchen cabinet, there is undoubtedly a YouTube spiel that can take you step by step through that process, one nail at a time.

Want to execute a will? There’s a form already virtually done for you and just an online finger click away.

Looking to get divorced?

You might want to pause for a moment and take a deep breath if you find yourself standing before a bookstore cashier with a “how-to” primer on your hands.

And the reason for exercising restraint can be succinctly and directed stated: Divorce is emotional and personal.

Or, as we put it on our website at The Law Offices of Ronda A. Middleton, an established family law firm in Fullerton, “Every [family law] case is unique and depends on a variety of factors.”

That translates to this: Rare is the case, certainly, where a divorce can be successfully concluded in the absence of a legal professional’s studied input, candid guidance and strong advocacy delivered on behalf of a client who unquestionably has singular challenges and concerns.

One divorce might be centrally focused upon a couple’s children, necessitating a close focus on a parenting plan, visitation, support and related matters. Another case might predominantly involve the distribution of marital property. One couple might strongly favor involvement in a divorce that employs a so-called “alternative dispute resolution” process such as mediation, while another might feel that family-related issues are so thorny and intractable that only a divorce litigated in court can resolve them.

A proven family law attorney knows that no two cases are the same and that every divorce client is duly deserving of a well-considered and tailored legal strategy that unstintingly keeps his or her best interests in focus and seeks to secure a best-case outcome in every matter.

We routinely strive for that level of performance at our law firm.

We hope that readers find our posts both timely and informative. We truly appreciate your comments and feedback, as well as the opportunity to advocate smartly and passionately on behalf of new clients with important family law concerns.

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