Your divorce doesn’t have to be like ‘that couple’s’

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At its core, divorce means basically the same thing for everyone: the formal ending of a marriage. But just because you have that formality in common with others who have gone through a divorce doesn’t mean your divorces are the same.

Every couple, marriage and family is different. For example, you might still get along with your spouse but you simply don’t want to be married to each other anymore. This might thoroughly shock your friend, whose divorce was the result of animosity and disgust toward their ex.

Because of these sorts of differences, it is important to work with a divorce lawyer who understands and respects an individual couple’s goal regarding ending their marriage and creating a new family situation that is right for them.

If you are passionate about maintaining an amicable divorce, that is a possibility. Along those lines, there is also a way to make the California divorce process shorter and, therefore, less expensive. Collaborative law is an option for those who want to avoid lengthy, costly and often stressful divorce litigation. Collaboration can be so efficient that a divorce’s details can be arranged in just one day.

Maybe you have avoided divorce because you’ve seen family or friends go through their own high-drama, high-cost splits that ended with hostility. Know that your divorce does not have to be that way if you and your ex can agree that working together through mediation is right for you, your family and your budget.

If friendship and finances move you to choose an alternative divorce option, turn to a family law attorney experienced in mediation and who respects those who value efficiency as well as the bond they have with their ex.

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