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As no two divorces are the same, no two people should be forced to settle their divorce in the same way. How California couples deal with the end of their marriage depends on a variety of factors such as their willingness to put emotions aside and get a deal done quickly. There are also emotional elements that need to be considered that could delay the resolution of a divorce case for months or years.

Those who are going through a contentious divorce may need to resolve it through litigation. During litigation, each side hires an attorney to represent his or her best interests regarding child custody, property division and other issues. This may be the most expensive way to resolve a divorce, which may make it untenable for those who have little in the way of money or other assets.

An uncontested divorce is best for those who want to work together in settling their issues. Going this route may make it possible to end the case in a matter of weeks and for as little as $3,000. For those who may want to remain friends after the divorce, this may be the best option. It may also be helpful for those who have kids and don’t want to strain relationships with the children or with the other parent.

The end of a marriage may be an emotional event for adults and children alike. There may also be financial reasons why it makes sense to talk to an attorney prior to getting a divorce. An attorney may help an individual with property division as well as spousal and child support matters.

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