Is a quick divorce better for your children?

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Divorce can prove hurtful to everyone involved, but children in a marriage are especially vulnerable to the deep emotional trouble that divorce can bring with it. In many cases, the longer that a divorce drags on, the longer that a child suffers needlessly, from the tension of the marriage, and from the uncertainty surrounding what is next.

As a loving parent, you understand what your children need better than anyone else. If you and your spouse need to divorce, it is possible that you can keep the process brief and to the point, moving seamlessly into a new phase of life before the weight of the divorce has time to weigh your children down.

If you believe that a quick divorce is a good fit for your family’s needs, you can consult with an attorney who performs quick, same-day divorce services. In some cases, couples cannot resolve the matters at hand in a single day, but the process is streamlined. The attorney can help make sure that each party fully understands the scope of the issues covered, and will work to make sure that both of you receive fair terms in the divorce while keeping your children at the heart of the matter.

How might a quick divorce benefit children?

In order to accomplish a quick divorce, spouses must be willing to make binding agreements about a number of issues fairly quickly. There is very little room for bickering.

Quick divorces are effective because the parties involved allow them to be. A large percentage of divorces throughout the country could resolve more quickly, but each party is often determined to punish the other party, or is consumed with securing the best terms possible and willing to fight about them endlessly.

Quick divorce keeps the focus on what matters most — dissolving a marriage in a legally binding manner while covering all the legal issues at hand so spouses can move on with their lives amicably.

Your children do not need to wait around for months or even years while you and your spouse fight legal games with each other. The quicker that you move on from an unhealthy marriage, the better it is for you and your children. This does not mean that you keep your children in the dark about the divorce, but only that you shouldn’t drag it out unnecessarily.

In some ways, it is similar to ripping off a bandaid. You cannot shield your children from all of the pain or discomfort of the divorce process, and neither should you. We each grow stronger and more resilient as we face challenges and hardships face-first, and divorce is no different. However, there is no need for a painful process to take months or years when it could just as easily be over in a matter of days.

Your children may not understand everything at first, but as time goes on, they may come to understand that you and your spouse chose a quick divorce to make it as easy as possible on them.

Don’t wait to start

If you’re ready for a divorce, don’t wait to set things in motion. The longer you wait, the more opportunities there are for things to further turn sour between you and your spouse. You certainly don’t want an amicable split to turn into an ugly fight.

With proper legal counsel, you can begin your divorce immediately, and start moving toward a new chapter in life.

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