Knowing when mediation is appropriate

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California residents who are going through the divorce process may wish to do so with the help of a mediator. Going through mediation may be ideal for an uncontested divorce, and in some cases, a divorce may become uncontested with the help of a mediator. As opposed to litigation, mediation is a process in which both sides work together to resolve their differences.

The biggest advantage of choosing mediation is that both parties retain control over the outcome of the divorce settlement. When a couple goes to court, they may be at the mercy of a judge who creates a settlement order. In addition, mediation is usually less expensive than going to court. Those who are part of the mediation process generally have the ability to determine when and where to schedule meetings. When a couple chooses to go though litigation, the court decides when to scheduling hearings in the matter.

Assuming that both parties are comfortable dealing with each other in good faith, mediation may help couples work through their differences in an amicable manner. This may help shield their children from conflict. It may also help parents find ways to get along with each other while they are raising their sons or daughters.

Going through a mediated divorce as opposed to litigation may be a good idea for some couples. In many cases, it is less expensive, less time consuming and more flexible than litigation. Those who are considering going through mediation may still benefit from talking with an attorney. Legal counsel may be able to review any agreements reached in mediation before they become legally binding. Legal counsel may also be able to represent an individual in the event that some issues need to be resolved in court.

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