Making summer easier for parents and children

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Divorced parents in California may be looking forward to seeing their kids this summer. However, as the children get older, they may not be as excited about leaving friends and other familiar surroundings of home. To make it easier to spend time with a son or daughter, parents may want to make themselves a part of their child’s routine.

This may mean spending a night doing things on their terms regardless of how late these activities may take place. It is also a good idea to arrange time for the child to talk to the other parent or others back home as to not feel completely isolated. The children should understand that this is done with parental blessing. One way to do this may be to carve out time for visits with extended family members.

While summer trips should be fun and relaxing, parents should also set boundaries as well. If a child has homework due by the start of the next school year, parents should be sure that these tasks are completed properly. A parent may also want to give children chores or other responsibilities to make them feel more like a part of the family and less like a visitor.

The issue of child custody may be a tricky one even if both parents generally agree on what works best for them. This is because the child may have changing needs as he or she gets older. Parents may wish to talk to both their children and the child’s other parent on a regular basis to avoid a misunderstanding or other issues that could violate a court order. Those who are having trouble resolving a custody issue may wish to consult with an attorney.

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