Making the divorce process bearable

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With divorce rates hovering at about 50% for all first-time marriages, and even higher for subsequent marriages, a significant number of California residents might go through this experience. Divorce can be a long, tense period that evokes many negative feelings. However, there are things a person can do to make it more tolerable.

Overcoming a divorce in a healthy manner begins with self-care. This includes exercising regularly, not just to keep physically fit but also to release the tension that divorce brings about. It also includes seeking support in the form of family and friends. Finding someone close who is willing to listen and offer a hug is important, particularly when divorce means not just losing a partner but also shared dreams, goals and lifestyles. Self-care can also mean seeking professional help through a therapist or psychologist, who can provide tools in how to overcome the negative feelings of the process.

Accepting and welcoming the unknown is a healthy step toward a new life in the future. This can start with small steps that include making new friends and taking a chance on new activities and adventures that are not related to their ex. Another way for people to overcome those feelings is by looking honestly at their life, refocusing their priorities and dedicating themselves to what they are passionate about. Finally, planning for the future involves reviewing finances and making a new financial plan.

Equally important is understanding that patience during this period is truly a virtue since the process of both divorce and healing from it can take a time. During this time, consulting with a lawyer with family law experience might be helpful as part of the process of planning for a new life. The lawyer may help with organizing and filing documents in the court, providing representation in negotiation and court appearances, and answering questions about legislation.

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