Many experts say divorce filings increase in January

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The waiting period for divorce in California is one reason couples might file for divorce in January, hoping to wrap up everything by summer, but this is not the only reason many experts say divorces spike in January. Other reasons cited are wanting a fresh start as the new year begins and the realization during the holidays that the marriage is over.

Theholidayscan be stressful, and couples spend a lot of time together traveling and visiting extended family. This can be the final straw in which one or both spouses discover they no longer want to continue in the marriage. In other situations, there may have already been a decision to divorce, but the couple waits until after the holidays to get it underway. This may be particularly true for parents, who are unlikely to want to inform their children a few days before Christmas that they are getting a divorce.

Parents, in particular, should also aim to be considerate of one another during the divorce process. They are likely to continue having a relationship through co-parenting for years or even a lifetime. However, even nonparents can benefit from being kind to one another during this difficult process if possible.

In addition to being less stressful, an amicable divorce can also be quicker and less expensive. However, even if there is too much conflict for a fast, amicable divorce, couples do not automatically have to go to litigation where a judge will make a decision. Mediation or another alternative dispute resolution method is an option. Where litigation is adversarial, the goal of mediation is reaching a solution that suits both parties.Property divisionin California is supposed to be equal, but negotiation or mediation allows couples more flexibility in how they will split that property.

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