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Child-related issues can subvert even the most amicable divorces here in the Fullerton, California, region. Often, divorces begin in a relatively peaceful way, but when child custody and visitation procedures start, many parents can feel threatened over losing access to their kids and become combative.

Although getting divorced is never easy, conflict over custody and other child matters can complicate the split even more. Couples who are willing to work together to find a solution for conflicts involving child custody and visitation are good candidates for voluntary mediation.

How does mediation help?

In our experience serving California families, we have witnessed the positive power of child custody mediation. Some of the benefits of mediating these critical issues include the following:

  • Impartial mediators do not take sides or make legal decisions. Instead, they guide you and your spouse in arriving at solutions cooperatively.
  • Mediating custody and visitation issues typically provides a swift resolution, especially when your mediator is an experienced lawyer.
  • You and your co-parent meet in a safe environment to discuss your issues. Often, this environment reduces the overall stress of divorce.
  • Another of the most valuable benefits of child custody and visitation mediation is how it improves communication between you and your co-parent.

Since you share at least one child, you will still have to interact with each other after your divorce for some years to come. The communication and cooperation skills you and your spouse take away from successful mediation can improve the way you co-parent your kids going forward.

We encourage you to continue exploring our website to learn more. We also provide additional information about divorce mediation and litigation in many of our blog posts.

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