Preparing for a new year by filing for divorce

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In California and elsewhere, statistics show that many people start off the New Year by filing for divorce. According to a poll, it is estimated that one in five couples begin to consider getting a divorce once all of the winter holidays are out of the way. Studies also show that the actual divorce rates peak in March and August, potentially due to the fact that a failed winter holiday or lackluster summer vacation could be the final nail in the coffin for a marriage.

For those considering filing, there are several steps they should take when preparing to talk to a divorce attorney. For example, they should get all of their financials organized. This includes the most recent pay stubs, bank statements and tax returns. Individuals should also do some very basic research so that they have an understanding how the divorce process works in the state of California. The attorney will help with understanding the process, but self-education can take some of the surprise away.

People should also sign off social media for the duration of the divorce process. Anything said on social media can be used in court. If individuals want to continue using social media, they should avoid talking about their divorce case as it can have an impact on the results, especially if a person makes posts related to child custody or money.

Not all divorces are the same, especially if there are a large number of assets or if there are children involved. A divorce attorney can help walk a person through the process and what he or she can expect based on his or her situation. In some cases, the attorney can assist with child custody disputes and seek child support from the other parent.

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