Silent relationship killers that lead to divorce

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California residents may be interested in learning about a couple of silent relationship killers. Many people know that traits like sarcasm, contempt and criticism can predict divorce. Relationship ruiners can be difficult to spot, so being aware of them could help some couples before it is too late.

Some find that it is easier to avoid a conflict than it is to deal with it right away. Unfortunately, this allows negativity to fester and can ruin a relationship. Some have found that getting over the discomfort that comes from addressing conflict leads to harmony in the relationship.

Another silent killer is invalidating the feelings of the other person in the marriage. This could be something simple, like making offhanded remarks. For example, one person may say that that they are cold. While not meaning to offend the other person, their partner may say that it is not very cold. Things like this can build up until the point when one person feels disconnected and unheard.

Stonewalling also leads to avoiding a conflict head-on. Problems cannot be solved if one of the individuals in the relationship is not making any effort. This occurs when a person shuts down or withdrawals during an argument or conversation. The silent treatment usually does little good in a relationship. Speaking honestly and openly about matters leads to happiness in a relationship.

Some individuals feel that divorce is their only option. It is the only way that they will be able to make a fresh start in life. When a person is considering a divorce, they usually have questions about property division, child support, child custody, alimony and other issues that arise during the divorce process. An individual may speak with a family law attorney to get advice on how to handle these matters.

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