Study looks at the correlation between wedding dates, divorce

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Some California couples might assume that the most romantic day of the year for a wedding is Valentine’s Day. However, some Australian researchers counter that this may not necessarily be the best date for those who want a long-lasting marriage. University of Melbourne researchers found that getting married on special days might be connected to a higher divorce rate.

Valentine’s Day appeared to be particularly hazardous. Out of the 1 million marriages examined, couples who tied the knot on February 14 had the highest divorce rate. More than 10% were divorced within five years, and more than 20% had legally split up after nine years.

Other special dates did not fare much better. For example, the study pointed out that couples who chose special number dates, such as September 9, 1999 (9/9/99), also appeared to have marriages that did not last as long. There is some speculation that this could be because some of these couples are more focused on a perfect wedding than the marriage itself.

Differences over money, finances, religion and many other topics can lead to divorce for some couples. These topics may also play a part in divorce proceedings. For example, disagreements over how to raise children or other issues could make it difficult for parents to negotiate a custody and visitation agreement. This is where legal counsel could step in and help with the negotiation process. Even if they have major differences, parents may still be able to negotiate an agreement instead of going to court. A negotiated agreement outside of court will ultimately cost less in terms of time and money.

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