Tips for fathers going through a child custody case

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Child custody matters have historically favored the mother of the children. Many fathers today aren’t accustomed to the thought of being able to have access to their children more than every other weekend and a couple of weeks during the summer.

Today’s child custody laws and guidelines are more father friendly. It is important that fathers employ appropriate methods to try to get either primary custody or to have more time with their children. Threatening the mother of your children or trying to use harsh techniques is likely going to backfire. Here are some tips to help you with your child custody case:

Use a calendar

Put your calendar to good use. When you are proposing a parenting time schedule, use a calendar to denote which parent will have the child on which days. Some common child custody schedules mean that a child won’t get to see his or her father for seven days or longer in a single stretch. This can be hard for children to understand, especially younger children who are used to having both parents around daily. Often, using the calendar makes it easier for everyone involved to see what the proposal actually entails.

Make a space for your child

Even if you moved into a small apartment during the split, you should still make a comfortable space for your children. This is especially important if you are planning on seeking full custody. If you are making a petition for full custody, you should make sure that you have a place large enough to accommodate you and your children. If you have two girls, this could mean a two-bedroom home so that you have a room and the kids have a room. If you have a boy and a girl, this could mean a three-bedroom so that you, your son, and your daughter have a room.

Always stay calm and respectful

You and your ex might not get along, but this can’t impact child custody matters. Your romantic relationship is over so now is the time to focus on the parenting relationship. Leave the past alone and focus on helping to make your children’s life as stable and loving as possible. Staying respectful is important during the mediation process since this shapes what kind of schedule will apply to your case.

Stay focused

Stay focused on the task at hand. When you are discussing child custody, don’t jump into issues with child support. Remember that handling things one thing at a time can help to get matters resolved in a more timely manner. If you have questions or concerns, take the time to address them before you make any decisions.

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