When divorce doesn’t go as planned

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Divorce is never a simple proposition, but for those in the public eye it can be significantly more challenging. For many high-profile figures, the public seems to have an invisible countdown clock running from the moment wedding vows are made until the apparently inevitable divorce proceedings are announced. Sometimes, however, divorce doesn’t go quite as planned. Several outlets have been reporting that actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have put their divorce on hold, nearly a year after it was first made public.

While the details of what may have changed throughout the process are still unclear, theirs is only the latest and highest-profile example of divorce not going as planned. Whatever the reasons may be, sometimes in the process of divorcing, a couple decides that it is not what they truly want to do. Whether for the sake of children, or because a connection that was lost somehow became found again, beginning divorce proceedings is not necessarily the death of a relationship.


While no one can be sure of the outcome when initiating divorce, it is difficult to imagine that most couples enter the process expecting to come out the other side still married to each other. In some instances, employing the right divorce attorney may lead to no actual divorce at all. While some attorneys are merely concerned with crushing whoever is designated the opponent in a given conflict, an experienced, caring attorney can help maintain a respectful attitude through the divorce process, ensuring that all parties have their rights protected. Sometimes this approach is just what is needed to give a couple the space they need to realize their marriage deserves a second chance.

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