Why child support is essential in California

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Single parents can benefit greatly from child support, but there are often more benefits than just financial security for the custodial parents. Many individuals who are single parents are raising kids on just one income. Additionally, people who are single parents tend to have lower levels of education than their peers, so they have fewer opportunities for high paying jobs.

This means that without child support, single parents often struggle to make ends meet. This greatly increases the parent’s stress level, which can lead to problems and stress for children. When children do not have a parent paying child support and providing greater resources, they tend to be more likely to have behavioral or cognitive problems.

Studies show that parents who pay child support tend to be more liable to be involved in their children’s lives. Therefore, child support can offer both financial and emotional benefits for children and individuals involved in raising them.

Just because someone has finalized their divorce, it doesn’t always mean that someone will never have to deal with their ex-spouse again, and this is especially true if the marriage resulted in children. Issues related to custody and child support may have to be rehashed as people’s circumstances change, such as if they get or lose a job or move to another area. A lawyer may be able to help someone understand which instances may result in the need to reconsider court ordered child support or help a person obtain child support that isn’t being paid.

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