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August 2016 Archives

Does divorce have a season?

As many California couples know, marital strife knows no season. In many cases, discord builds up over time, and spouses eventually decide that enough is enough and begin to look into ending their marriage. However, sociologists are beginning to notice a pattern in that suggest that divorce filings are more common in some seasons than others.

How to start the child support process

In the state of California, both parents are equally responsible for providing financially for their child. However, it is not automatic that a parent will be responsible for making child support payments. Instead, a custodial parent must ask a judge to make an order of support that generally lasts until the child is 18 years old. Prior to creating a support order, paternity may need to be established.

Finances and divorce

Ideally, a divorce settlement will allow both parties to exit the marriage on solid financial footing. However, if that is not possible, California couples should aim to get as much security as possible prior to exiting the relationship. In most cases, it is easier to get the best possible settlement by taking time to inventory all marital assets.

How labor is divided may impact the risk of divorce

Californians are often interested in what leads to divorce. One of the most common factors that can result in divorce is an unequal division of labor. Whether or not a man works full time outside of the home is also an important predictor of whether a marriage will end.

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