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Does divorce have a season?

As many California couples know, marital strife knows no season. In many cases, discord builds up over time, and spouses eventually decide that enough is…

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How to start the child support process

In the state of California, both parents are equally responsible for providing financially for their child. However, it is not automatic that a parent will…

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Child support for divorcing foster parents?

It is an enormous responsibility and a great privilege to take on the role of a foster parent. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a…

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When divorce doesn’t go as planned

Divorce is never a simple proposition, but for those in the public eye it can be significantly more challenging. For many high-profile figures, the public…

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Finances and divorce

Ideally, a divorce settlement will allow both parties to exit the marriage on solid financial footing. However, if that is not possible, California couples should…

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How labor is divided may impact the risk of divorce

Californians are often interested in what leads to divorce. One of the most common factors that can result in divorce is an unequal division of…

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Financial tips to protect your future after divorce

Your financial situation after your divorce will likely look quite a bit different than it did during your marriage. It’s never too soon to start…

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