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November 2016 Archives

Divorce rates fall while marriage rates increase

California residents may be interested to know that data released on Nov. 17 reveals that divorce rates dropped in 2015 while marriage rates increased in the same year. However, this doesn't imply that marriage rates are increasing because divorce rates are dropping or vice versa. While research still indicates that marriages have a 50 percent chance to fail, first marriages are generally more likely to last as opposed to a second marriage.

File for divorce now or wait until the new year?

January is a popular month to start divorce proceedings-perhaps it's because of yet another unpleasant holiday season spent as a couple, or because you're the kind of person who loves making and keeping new year's resolutions. But is it worth waiting for, when you're miserable? While you may want to act right now, there are good reasons to wait until a few weeks into January:

Ways of dividing student loan debt in a divorce

Since California is a community property state, student loan debt may be considered a shared obligation in a divorce. This means that even if only one person went to school using the loan, both might be responsible for paying it back. However, this is only the case for loans incurred during the marriage. If both people had student loans before they were married, then most likely, each person's student loan debt will be considered their own in the divorce.

More efficient child support processing slated for 2017

California businesses that have employees who are subject to child support orders may want to know about a portal that will be available across the country in 2017. On Oct. 31, the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement released the online portal, which is designed to help payroll practitioners process withholding documents in a quicker, more efficient manner.

Divorce mediation and contested custody

The custody of any marital children can often be one of the most contentious areas when a couple is going through a divorce. Both parties may want primary physical custody, or one spouse may ask the courts to deny their soon-to-be ex-partner any rights to visitation. The result can be a drawn-out process where a judge makes the final decision instead of the parents. That, in turn, can create a situation where no one, either parent or the children, are happy with the outcome of the divorce proceedings. Divorce mediation is one of the easiest ways to avoid having the terms of custody in your divorce decided by a judge instead of by your family.

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