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Divorce rates fall while marriage rates increase

California residents may be interested to know that data released on Nov. 17 reveals that divorce rates dropped in 2015 while marriage rates increased in…

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File for divorce now or wait until the new year?

January is a popular month to start divorce proceedings-perhaps it’s because of yet another unpleasant holiday season spent as a couple, or because you’re the…

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Ways of dividing student loan debt in a divorce

Since California is a community property state, student loan debt may be considered a shared obligation in a divorce. This means that even if only…

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More efficient child support processing slated for 2017

California businesses that have employees who are subject to child support orders may want to know about a portal that will be available across the…

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Divorce mediation and contested custody

The custody of any marital children can often be one of the most contentious areas when a couple is going through a divorce. Both parties…

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