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January 2017 Archives

Parents still owe back child support after the child turns 18

Following a divorce in California, it is likely that one parent will be responsible for paying a certain amount of child support a month. However, there may be instances where the parent suddenly becomes unable or unwilling to pay child support. The amount that is owed does not go away; in fact, the parent will become responsible for paying back child support.

Complications during child exchanges

For California parents who are going through a difficult divorce, determining how parenting time and child custody will work can be frustrating, especially when they realize that they may not get everything that they want. After the divorce has been finalized, most custody arrangements will involve routine child exchanges as part of a visitation schedule and parenting plan. In some cases, this can be a tense event.

Keep Electronic Communications Safe From Prying Eyes in a Divorce

Engaging with social media is a popular pastime, but it could become a problem when someone is going through a divorce. Electronic communications, whether texts, tweets, Facebook posts or emails, cannot be erased and should never be considered secure. They can fuel emotions that lead to divorce, and they can also drastically alter the financial settlement of a divorce.

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