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June 2017 Archives

Divorce rates may not accurately reveal split likelihood

California couples may be interested to learn that divorce rates aren't as easy to predict as people might assume. Some estimates, like the cohort measure rate that examines specific population groups' divorce incidences in relation to life tables, give rates between 40 and 50 percent. Others reveal far lower figures. For instance, the refined annual divorce rate, which counts how many divorces there are for every 1,000 married women, produces a rate of less than 2 percent.

Can I nullify my prenuptial agreement?

One of the reasons why the divorce process, asset division, alimony and child support exist is to prevent a less-moneyed person from getting trapped in a toxic relationship due to financial reasons. In this respect, it might seem -- in cases where the spouses have entered into a prenuptial agreement -- that the less-moneyed spouse will experience a reduction in the benefits of asset division, alimony and child support.

Child support in California

Non-custodial parents can be compelled to make monthly payments to cover the expenses associated with raising a child. In California, the amount that has to be paid will be determined by a judge who will use a state-wide guideline and who will issue the child support order.

How parents might reach a child support agreement

When California parents of young children get a divorce, one might be required to pay child support to the other. Parents do not necessarily have to go to court to have a judge decide the amount, frequency and duration of child support. They can negotiate the agreement themselves or work with their attorneys to reach an accord.

You may face many kinds of alimony

When a couple divorces, there is a high likelihood that one party may receive a court order to provide spousal support, or alimony, for the other spouse. However, alimony is not a monolithic thing, but rather a broad term that refers to a number of different arrangements a judge may order depending on the circumstances of a divorce.

Nesting in California child custody cases

Californians who are parents and who are planning to divorce often have concerns about how to best handle their child custody and parenting time arrangements. For most parents, their primary goals are to protect their children while helping them to deal with the divorces and the changes in their lives.

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