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Reasons for divorce

There are a number of common reasons that people in California might get a divorce. Infidelity is one reason although this does not always lead…

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Mediating custody and parenting agreements

Few things hold the power to harm every member of a family emotionally and financially like a lengthy, bitter child custody dispute during a divorce.…

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Eligibility for Social Security benefits after divorce

When a couple in California gets a divorce, if one spouse makes significantly more than the other, the other spouse might be able to draw…

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Sharing child custody during the holidays

Divorce is increasingly common in California and in other parts of the nation. Sharing child custody presents many challenges at any time of the year,…

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Choosing professionals to assist in a divorce

For California couples, divorce can be an emotional time, and it can mean that a support team is needed. For emotional support, a person might…

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Getting your kids back on track after a divorce

After a divorce, children may still struggle. Their routines are different, and they may have had to move or start over at a new school.…

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How to decide whether to sign a prenuptial agreement

In a community property state like California, marital property is supposed to be divided equally if the couple divorces. A prenuptial agreement can prevent this…

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