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How a change in marital roles can lead to divorce

California couples who start their marriages with an equitable gender arrangement concerning work and career are more likely to stay married than those who go…

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Child support after adultery

There are many painful factors that can cause California couples to split up. When adultery leads to a divorce, however, tensions can run especially high.…

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3 tips for talking to your teen about divorce

Talking to your teen about what you’re going through with divorce probably isn’t something you’re eager to do. No parent wants to break bad news…

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Some spouses have little input in financial matters

California residents who are getting a divorce and have had little experience managing the marital finances might have to learn about these matters for the…

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How mediation might proceed in a divorce case

Divorcing California couples might choose mediation over litigation as a way to reach an agreement on property division and child custody. Although mediation is not…

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Asset division is easier with planning

California couples wanting to protect their finances during divorce might want to consider taking steps to limit fiscal damage prior to filing court papers. Keeping…

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